17º Festival Ribeira Sacra


26 | 27 | 28 JULY 2024

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17º Ribeira Sacra Festival


The 17th Ribeira Sacra festival has been eight editions being a leader in respect for the natural environment in which it takes place, the Ribeira Sacra. A region located in Galicia, between the provinces of Lugo and Ourense, candidate for Unesco World Heritage. A sustainable festival to enjoy and connect with the territory.

How is this possible? From 17º Ribeira Sacra we know that the most important thing is to take care of the environment in which we are located, so our facilities have the minimum impact, ensuring that once the festival ends everything remains as we found it. In addition, the company is committed to sustainability in all areas. From the mobility of the public, which has at its disposal a bus transportation service. Even the facilities themselves as stands, made with biodegradable material that does not cause any impact on the territory.

Gastronomy is one of the most differentiating points of the 17th Ribeira Sacra, because being at a festival should also be synonymous with eating well. For this reason, we are committed to local products, with less impact on the environment, quality and seasonal. The best chefs in the area, including Michelin stars such as Lucía Freitas, are at the stove to make the most of a luxury raw material.

Throughout the years we have learned and improved, with challenges in each edition in order to be more sustainable. In our sustainability decalogue you will find all the keys that we continue to achieve milestones such as being the Best Small Festival in the Iberian Awards.

If you want to live this experience with us and discover all that 17º Ribeira Sacra has to offer, don’t forget to book your ticket and follow us on social networks so you don’t miss the news.

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Four international artists played at the 17th Ribeira Sacra festival

17º Ribeira Sacra Festival

Four international artists playing at the 17th Ribeira Sacra in a natural landscape

Music, art, gastronomy or experiences are some of the things you will find in the 17th Ribeira Sacra festival. In addition, you will get to know a unique territory where top national and international artists have already performed. Let’s review some of them!

But first one more thing, in the 17th Ribeira Sacra 2024 we will also have a first class musical program, headed by Morcheeba. Buy your tickets and enjoy the festival with us.

1. dEUS

The Belgian group performed on the stage of the Bodega Regina Viarum, with spectacular views of the Ribeira Sacra, in the last edition of 2023. Since the 90’s, dEUS has been bringing to the stage its mix of influences ranging from jazz to rock, being one of the most historic groups in European independent music. In 2023 they also released their new work “How to replace it”, a long awaited album that the attendees of the 17th Ribeira Sacra enjoyed live, along with a review of their most iconic songs.


Of Scottish origin and formed in Glasgow, Teenage Funclub is a band acclaimed by groups like Oasis and great references in alternative rock and power pop. For the attendees of the 17th Ribeira Sacra their performance in 2022 was unforgettable.


Is it possible to mix Argentine and American popular music? It sounds complicated, but it is the trademark style of artist Kevin Johansen, who plays with his roots to create a style he calls “De-Generated”. Johansen is also characterized by his sense of humor, with which he delighted the audience of 17th Ribeira Sacra in 2019.


We also want 17th Ribeira Sacra to be a festival of discoveries, that’s why in 2023 we were visited by one of the most interesting bands of the current independent scene, Oracle Sisters. Formed in Paris, they are a group of friends and artists with a music influenced by the sounds of the 60s. Fresh songs from the Regina Viarum Winery or sailing on a catamaran through the canyons of the Sil perfectly accompanied the territory.

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Ribeira Sacra, venue of the 17th festival, closer to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site

17º Ribeira Sacra Festival


The Ribeira Sacra is getting closer and closer to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A natural area located between Lugo and Ourense, in Galicia, characterized by its sloping vineyards and its spectacular Sil river crossing the canyon.

The candidacy of this territory, where the 17th Ribeira Sacra festival is held, is the one chosen to achieve the highest recognition from UNESCO with a proposal that the committee will analyze in 2026, after years of work to achieve it. You can read more about it here.

Making a festival like this is a pride and a challenge for us. That is why we are clear that we must be sustainable and respectful, creating scenarios and actions that do not impact the locations, in short: the environment remains intact after each edition.

Why is the 17th Ribeira Sacra festival a unique experience in Galicia?

The 17th Ribeira Sacra festival celebrates its eighth edition this year and is one of the most special projects of the Galician cultural scene. On this occasion, it will be on July 26, 27 and 28 when the Ribeira Sacra will experience an event characterized by the care of the territory and its promotion among the public through music, gastronomy or experiences. All of this with a focus on the experience of the attendees, but also on the care and respect for the territory, with strategies of sustainability and accessibility. Thanks to this approach, the 17th Ribeira Sacra won the Iberian Fest award for Best Small Format Festival in 2023.

What makes it so special? First of all, its location, based on the event. The Ribeira Sacra, between Ourense and Lugo, is a monumental landscape, with great canyons through which the Sil River flows, heroic vineyards and millenary traditions. A rural environment that 17º Ribeira Sacra wants to value by inviting the public not only to visit it, but also to get to know it and connect in depth.

The event takes place in different scenarios of the area, viewpoints, old and modern wineries or squares of small villages. Every day is a discovery. On these stages the public will have access to a first class musical program, which has nothing to envy to that found in urban environments. In addition, the nature of the festival to keep its small format makes the concerts more special, achieving a perfect communion between artists and audience.

Gastronomy is another fundamental pillar. Top Michelin chefs such as Lucía Freitas or Álvaro Veira, with proposals made exclusively for the event, have passed through the kitchens of the 17th Ribeira Sacra. In addition, the raw materials used in the menus are of the highest quality, 0 kilometer products and small local businesses.

Another of its strong points is the Experiences program , a way of getting to know the Ribeira Sacra in depth, using all the senses. Tastings with professionals to discover the best wines, some of them accompanied by music. Or guided routes through traditional places, with which to learn about the traditions and heritage of the area. In short, a way to complete the festival in the best way.

Did you think that was all? Well, no. The festival also has a space dedicated to Art with exhibitions specially designed for the event by artists related to the territory.